dd Deterrent Fake Camera
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Deterrent Fake Camera

Deterrent Fake Camera

: Electronic Products

: WR123

: 16 TL

Get rid of the thieves without cost with the deterrent Fake Camera! After the motion is detected, the red lights flash as if you are working and recording.

The activation light gives the impression of recording!

No need for electrical installation 3 Pieces + AA pille works (Piller Pakete not included)

Includes mounting parts.

Because of its realistic appearance and sensitivity to movement, its deterrence characteristic is quite high.

There are up to 5 meters range sensing range. It also gives the impression that the constantly flashing red light is being recorded.

Thanks to the motion detector feature, even if you pass by, it starts to detect motion and work.

You can use a deterrent camera at apartment entrances, workplaces, garage doors, entrance to your private home, summer homes or corridors.

In general, security camera systems are used to deter criminal activity in the first place rather than to commit crime.

For you, if the job is not recorded after the job has not been recorded, it will solve most of your business.

Use the real camcorder and place it so that you do not notice where the real camera is.

While you try to hide other cameras from visible places and hide from criminal imitated cameras, you will not notice where the real camera is and you can save those without noticing the criminals.

Package Included:
1 Piece Camera with Motion Sensor
Mounting Screws

Lens Diameter: 3 cm
Length: 13 cm
Width: 5 cm
Foot Measures:
Length: 11 cm
Width: 5.5 cm